Atomic Bomb Band

Project completion: April, 2017

The Atomic Bomb! Band toured sporadically to selected cities and festivals from 2014 to 2017 and in the end Luaka Bop compiled some of the William Onyeabor songs that they performed from recordings they tracked in Nashville in 2016 and released them as this Record Store Day release. Yale was inspired by a record he has that opens completely like a poster, so I ran with his inspiration and made a large version of the cover for the inside of the record with the band member's faces superimposed in my hand drawn dots. The front side depicts my Onyeabor caricature as walking on water. I drew further inspiration from Roy Lichtenstein and used a limited color palette, and only blue, red, yellow and black. Everything was hand drawn, including the text.

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Below are some samples of ads I made to promote the Atomic Bomb! Band's various shows.