Doug Hream Blunt - My Name is Doug Hream Blunt

Project duration: November, 2013 - Fall 2017

Sometimes my role with Luaka Bop is nebulous, and this time it involved taking the first portraits of Doug Hream Blunt. Doug and I first met in San Francisco in 2013. When I arrived he was sitting in his car, waiting for me. He was very jovial and kind, but also slightly weird, much like his music. I attributed some of this to the stroke that he had that left him without the ability to play guitar, instead focusing on learning trumpet. Meeting him was a delight, and I began to work on Luaka Bop's compilation of his recordings called My Name is Doug Hream Blunt. I made more than 50 different variations for the cover until we arrived at the current version, which I made from xeroxes, a photo of erupting lava, an ink blotch I made, and an infrared image of the sun. Later we added the yellow sticker to reference Doug's original pressing of Gentle Persuasion that featured a similar sticker.

I also made artwork for Doug's singles and remixes.

Below are some ads that I designed to promote the album and Doug's tours.