paul diddy

Paul Diddy is an American graphic designer, illustrator, and artist residing in Berlin. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 2004 with a degree in Fine Arts, and thereafter moved to New York City where he began his design practice in January of 2005. Since that time he's worked almost exclusively within the music and arts, designing album covers and packaging, t-shirts, stickers, websites, a lifesize model of William Onyeabor, hand cut stamps, really anything with or without a template. Diddy prefers to begin work by hand if at all possible, to give designs a human feel, and then to perfect them digitally. As an illustrator, he is proficient in linocut, collage, acrylic and oil painting, pen and ink drawing, and many other media. His clients have included RBMA, Luaka Bop, Don Giovanni Records, Kadist, Bronze Rat Records, bands, comedians, artists, writers, and more.

Diddy's artwork and music created as Pau Pahana can be found here.