Javelin - Hi Beams

Project duration: December 2012 - April 2013

Javelin invited Hisham Bharoocha to do the cover art for their release Hi Beams, which I think is a beautiful image. I then needed to add the title on top of the image, and after many variations we arrived at the final cover. I used Hisham's work to make the LP labels and used it in most of the marketing that we did around the album.

Javelin - No Más

Project duration: December 2009 - September 2012

I first met Javelin through our mutual friend Luke Fischbeck, and we all drove together to a show of theirs in Los Angeles. Tom gave me one of their CDs all of which had random track orders and tracks on them. Later, Luaka Bop asked me to put them in touch with Javelin, so when they signed a contract with Luaka Bop, I started to work with them and their aesthetic. At the time they had made a number of embellished record covers from records that they found in the dollar bins at thrift stores, and I compiled them both into the cover as a mash up and into the various pages of the booklet or sleeve of the LP. I tried to match the dreamy electro-pop that they were playing, and I'm quite pleased with how the art matches the vibe of the album. Below are various singles and ads I made for Javelin.