May 2019

I first met Ahmed Gallab, lead signer and guitarist of the band Sinkane through Luaka Bop's Atomic Bomb Band! project backstage at one of their shows in Paris, then again in San Francisco but only briefly. Then, during a layover in Helsinki while returning home after traveling to NYC for Alice Coltrane Turiyasangitananda's RBMA show, I noticed that the whole Sinkane band was on the flight too. I approached Ahmed and complimented him on his Grateful Dead t-shirt and then introduced myself, and then hung out with the band catching up for the duration of the layover. About two years later he contacted me about redesigning his website, and the above is what resulted. For this site I created a custom Squarespace theme. We had a great time getting the site together, and I think the website is a testament to that. Check out the site and Sinkane's awesome music!